Run Away

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dwChecker is an open source HTML5 game, written in Javascript

Run Away
Original author(s) Jamie
Developer(s) Jamie
Development status Active
Written in Javascript
Operating system N/A
Available in English
License GPLv2

Project Description

Run Away is a Javascript/HTML5 game where the player must run away from the enemies.

The hero of the game deicides to go on a walk through the forest, when he is suddenly cornered by monste. The monster wants to eat the hero... because that's how video games work.

Monsters are known to give chase at full speed for a short time before they become fatigued and must slow down. This is the key to the hero's survival: learn the pattern of the monster's fatigue level, and the hero will survive.

The hero has lived a life of luxury and has never taken fencing lessons, therefore he is unable to fight against the monster. His fear level gives him a greater level of stamina than most of the monsters, however he will soon become fatigued if he constantly runs away from the monsters. Remember, hero, you must take a rest every so often.


The latest version of the source code can be found at Jamie's GitHub repository for the project: