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NazeBesto is a fan translation of 「なぜベスト尽くさなきのか?」 ("Why don't you do your best?"), presented in the LaTeX typesetting language. The original book was released to tie in with the Japanese TV show Trick, is written by one of the characters and released in universe.

Original author(s) Jamie
Developer(s) Jamie
Development status Active
Written in LaTeX, plain text
Available in English
License GPLv2

日本科学技術大学教授上田次郎の「なぜベスト尽くさなきのか?」(Why don't you do your best?)
Front cover of「なぜベスト尽くさなきのか?」
Author 上田次郎 (in universe)
Original title 「なぜベスト尽くさなきのか?」 ("Why don't you do your best?")
Translator Jamie "GaProgMan" Taylor
Country Japan
Language English (translation)
Series Trick
Genre Comedy
Set in Japan
Published 2007 by 学研プラス (Japanese original)
Media type Print
Pages 192
ISBN 4-05-402-528-5

The Title

Trick is a Japanese TV show about a Physics professor 上田次郎 (Ueda Jiro) and a part-time magician 山田奈緒子 (Yamada Naoko) who travel Japan, solving paranormal mysteries.

The title of the book comes from one of Ueda's catch phrases, which is is なぜベスト尽くさなきのか?("Naze besuto tsuku sanai no ka?"). This translates as "Why don't you do your best", which is the subtitle for the book.

The Project

As with other TV shows, movies, video games and other forms of fiction, Trick has a range of "in universe" books that are mentioned throughout the show's run. This is similar to the set up for the TV show Castle. In the case of Trick, these books give greater detail into the characters of the show.

日本科学技術大学教授上田次郎のなぜベスト尽くさなきのか? (Japan Technology University's Professor Ueda Jiro's "Why Don't You Do Your Best?") is often shortened to ぜベスト尽くさなきのか? ("Why don't you do your best?").

This project is an attempt to translate this book, offer all translation materials and a typeset translation as an open source project.

Copyrighted Content

This project, and all source code provided with it, has a GNU GPLv2 license. However, the content provided in the original book are protected under 学研プラス's copyright.

This project is in no way an attempt to undermine the copyright of 学研プラス, TV Asashi or the original creators of Trick and it's characters.

The book has several images - both hand drawn and actual photos of 阿部寛 (Abe Hiroshi, which is the name of the actor who plays Ueda in the show) from his career as a model. These images will NOT be provided as part of the project, or compiled binaries

Jamie owns a physical copy of the book and is using that original book as the translation source. A pirated or scanned copy of the book will NOT be provided via this wiki, the repository or any other means by Jamie.

Source Code

This is a LaTeX project, so all source files will be provided as plain text encoded in UTF-8. The latest version of the source code can be found at Jamie's GitHub repository for the project:

Compiled binaries may be provided (via this page) once the project's trajectory reaches that point.