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Welcome to Jamie's wiki.

This wiki is used as a documentation dump for all of the projects that Jamie has worked on. Below, you will find links to each of the active pages on this wiki, each one describing a project.

All of the source code for Jamie's projects are available for download via their GitHub repositories (a link for each can be found on the wiki page for each project).


The following are links to wiki entires for some of Jamie's projects that are hosted on GitHub, separated by development status.

Currently in Development

These projects are being actively developed and updated (sporadically)


These projects have been completed, or have reached a point where Jamie is happy to no longer actively develop them.


These projects are currently still being planned, or have gone back to the planning stage.

On Hiatus

These projects are currently on hiatus, Jamie will return to them in due course. However, they are not being actively worked on at the moment.


These projects have been abandoned, either because they have served their purpose (used to learn a technique or framework) or they have been superseded by some other project. There is a chance that Jamie will come back to them at some point, but it doesn't look likely.

Other Resources